Vegetation Survey and Assessment

Assessment of vegetation on your site or property requires a thorough understanding of your needs and tailoring these with the specific requirements of State and Local Government. Our Environmental Land Management Consultant will be able to assist you determining which vegetation assessment is most suitable and meets your requirements, some of the range of vegetation assessments are outlined below.

Targeted Flora Site Survey – involves thorough surveying of the site to identify the specific plant species present and recording their condition and location.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) – our Environmental Land Management Consultant can develop a tailored EMP for your site focusing on maximising positive outcomes for native vegetation and habitat, whilst taking into account your requirements and those of Local Government.

Net Gain Analysis – State Government legislation requires a landholder to demonstrate how avoidance and minimisation measures have been considered on their property prior to any proposed native vegetation removal. Any proposed removal of native vegetation must then be offset trough either the protection or revegetation of other areas of vegetation. Our Environmental Land Management Consultant will be able to provide advice in relation to your vegetation requirements and in accordance with State and Local Government (Council) requirements.

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